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On average, each of our clients receives $59,500 from government money.

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Grants Popularity as ranked by our clients:

  • OCE SmartStart Seed Fund 90%
  • OCE TalentEdge 73%
  • IRAP 92%
  • Build in Canada (BCIP) 85%
  • Canada-Ontario Job Grant 58%
  • Mitacs 37%
  • Export Grants (all) 87%
  • Training Grants (all) 33%
  • Hiring grants (all) 44%

ConnexFund’s Insights into Funding and Grants:

Hiring Grants

Hiring your team is most likely always at the top of your mind. Some of the questions you might have include: When is the right time to hire? Who do I hire? Do I hire experts and pay more? Or do I hire less experienced professionals and pay less, but invest in training? These and many other questions are important. But most importantly: are there hiring grants? Yes, there are!

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I was very impressed by how Iana was carrying out not just a revision of my program application, but also overseeing the entire application process, including introducing my company to the program managers in order to better understand their expectations, discussing all available program options, guiding me in writing the application in a more efficient and professional way, and finally, revising and adding some very important parts in the application in order to increase the chances for my company to be accepted for the program. Read more… Sagy Epstein

Co-Founder & CEO, Securter Inc.

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