Canada Job Grant is a relatively new grant that subsidizes the cost of training which is specific to the needs of your small business. It is a Canada-wide grant and each province may have a slight variation of it. Generally, it gives your small business the money to train your people for what your small business needs them to be trained. To explain it better, I would like to illustrate this using two examples below. (Feel free to download our summary page on the Canada Job Grant.)

Case 1: Warehouse

Warehouse TrainingImagine, Joe is working for your small business as a dedicated and loyal professional in a warehouse. As your small business grows, so does Joe’s responsibilities. He now supervises people and manages multiple projects at the same time. It would be nice if Joe had a project management designation and could be more efficient at what he does. By providing the company with specific training for Joe, your small business could save money long-term. This is due to an improved work efficiency of Joe, who, after the training, will manage suppliers better and improve overall turn-around.

Is Canada-Ontario Job Grant good for this? Yes!

Case 2: Accounting

You own a construction company and most of your employees came to the company through family Accounting Trainingand friends. Laura has started as an office help and her responsibilities quickly expanded into managing the office tasks, dealing with invoices, and budget planning. She has started doing more and more accounting work, learning most of it through trial and error. It would be nice if she could get the training in accounting that is so needed for your small business. She would become more efficient and confident in what she does and eventually move onto a bigger role.

Is Canada-Ontario Job Grant good for this? Yes!

Who can use this grant?

In order to be eligible, generally speaking, your small business must be in operation in Ontario, comply with Ontario standard health policies, workforce safety and have a liability insurance. There are some other things to keep in mind, but the ones that are listed are the key ones. Aside from those, you, as the small business owner, need to be able to make a financial contribution toward the training.

How much is on the table?

The grant is up to $10,000, which can make up to 2/3 of the cost (in some instances up to 5/6 of the cost). For example, you would like to send your two employees for CNC training which is $4,000 per person. In this case, the grant may give you $2,666.67 out of the $4,000 required. Now, because the grant is per person, the cost of the training for both employees can be subsidized and your small business may receive $5,333.33. Not bad, right?

What I liked most

Canada Job Training GrantThis small business grant is company-specific. We all know how hard it is to find perfect professionals for small businesses. (Well, all kinds of businesses at some point of their growth struggle with finding the right candidates). This grant is a nice way to help your small business’ personnel with the skills they need to grow and you, as a small business owner, need them to have so that your business can grow together with them.

Final Thought

Today, I would like to finish with one of my favorite quotes, “The only way to do great work is to love what you do.” – Steve Jobs. And to love what you do, you should be good at it. And how one can become good at something?

ConnexFund specializes in grants and funding for innovative companies and start-ups with a focus on technology and manufacturing. Many Canadian businesses are aware that there is some free money available for them. But not so many know where to find it, how to access it and how to prepare a grant application that is successful. And this is exactly what ConnexFund does!